My Why: To spread beauty and happiness into the world. Nature is filled with sacred energy, and I want to share that with you. As the quote says: “Surround yourself with beautiful things filled with sacred energy and they will radiate light into your environment.” ~ Diana Cooper I intend for my photos to do just that for You.

Photography is such a Fun challenge for me, that kind of challenge that a baseball player feels when he’s standing at the plate, anticipating the pitch, ready to hit a homerun out of the ballpark. I love making things beautiful and interesting by finding different angles, scenes that are new and exciting, details that escape notice in our busy world, being in just the right light. Just like when ball meets bat and flies high, I feel the excitement and satisfaction when I create a perfect photo. And just like the fans are happy when their favorite player hits a homer, I strive to make You happy when you see my beautiful print on the wall in your home or office. (They also make a nice backdrop for a home altar if you are inclined to have one.)

How I got started: Several extraordinary experiences while singing kirtan, the Hindu devotional practice also called Bhakti Yoga, led me to undertaking a pilgrimage to India in October of 2012, to return to the US on December 27 that year. A single woman traveling alone, my sojourn began at Kalimath in north India, a temple complex in the Himalayan foothills, and culminated at Prasanthi Nilayam, the Sathya Sai Baba ashram in south India visiting some of India’s most sacred temples and cities in between.

I Totally fell in love with the food – which has nothing to do with photography, but just another example of why India is intoxicating to the senses. The flavors, sounds, colors, sights were beyond anything I’d ever experienced.

You may learn more about that on my book page Pilgrimage to India.

Influenced by all the wondrous sights I photographed in India, after moving to Boise, Idaho in March of 2013, I dived into photography. My first DSLR was a Nikon D3200. Oftentimes, new photographers immediately want to know what lenses to buy, but I took my time, learning all the settings with the kit lens until I had it all down. It was several YEARS before I added a lens to my equipment list!

I started with macro photography, and advanced to landscapes with a few family portraits and wildlife scenes in between. This was my very first macro:

Green, Red, & Purple Moss

By 2022, I had a several more lenses, a couple of online portfolios, and felt the need to expand my experience. I purchased a Nikon Z50 for my self-birthday present, one of Nikon’s mirrorless cameras….gotta try out the new tech! And I love it! Yes, there is a learning curve with new equipment, but again, I tried and tested until I got it right. As a photographer, I like to get it right in-camera rather than edit after…..just my preference, other great photographers like to edit.

Please check out my photos with links to my host and fulfillment center Pictorem. The quality is absolutely excellent, the service first-rate, and you can get free shipping in the US and Canada.