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~ Mantra (Nada) Yoga

Healing & Awakening with Sacred Sound & Music

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WHY A YOGA OF SOUND? With Russill Paul [author of The Yoga of Sound.]

This snippet gets a little deeper into the value of understading why and in what way a Yoga of Sound can benefit us.


Benefits of Nada (Mantra) Yoga:

Build self esteem

Gain self confidence

Get your voice back – or find it! – the power to speak and be heard instead of overlooked or ignored

Increase your qi, your internal energy

Reduce stress

Stimulate physical healing


Nada yoga uses the power of music and voice as a form of vibrational medicine. The vibration of sound has healing qualities. Sound vibration is a tool of power and a tool for power.


Here is the link to an excellent article detailing the many benefits of chanting. The musical note at which you sing and chant makes a difference, too!!! Sadhguru doesn’t mention it in this excellent article, but we Do Practice this traditional Indian musicality every Monday in our Mantra Yoga sessions!

Mantras Explained: How a Mantra Can Lead to Transformation

Sadhguru speaks about the science of mantras, and how a mantra can be a key to access deeper dimensions of existence. He also speaks about “Vairagya”, a set of five sacred chants, and how one can benefit from them.



Here is a sample of one of the chants we do each week:

Aham Prema (translation I AM LOVE) – chanted 108 times by Deva Premal and Miten, with Manose, from their album PASSWORD.
The clip contains images from their 2009/10 World Tour and was created and edited by Manose.


Different sounds have different vibrations that work on three levels: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.


Physically, practicing nada yoga brings you to a relaxation level of breathing and heartbeat. Music and voice also cause the cells in your body to vibrate and work together in harmony (mutual understanding and peaceful relationship), they understand each other and work together.


Mentally, chanting is a type of meditation. The sounds are a focal point that quiets mind chatter and allows you to be completely in the moment. Emotionally, singing releases endorphins – “feel good” hormones – that make you feel happy.


Spiritually, music and chant expand your experience of wholeness, gives you a deeper connection to Source, God, Universal energies. It brings that sense of calm pleasure we call bliss.


As all yoga traditions do, Nada/Mantra Yoga has its origins in India. It’s been called the “Yoga of Sound” by Russill Paul and “Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound” by Baird Hersey.

It’s also related to the “Healing Power of the Human Voice” as taught by James D’Angelo.


In practice, it is all of those, and more.

It IS a practice of Awakening.


Mantra Yoga Mondays 2016 06 06