Surround yourself with beautiful things filled with sacred energy and they will radiate light into your environment. ~ Diana Cooper

As the quote says: “Surround yourself with beautiful things filled with sacred energy and they will radiate light into your environment.” ~ Diana Cooper This is how I feel about my photos. Nature is filled with stunning beauty and sacred energy, and I do my best to capture and share that sacred energy and light with You.

Wake In Beauty : Live In Beauty

When you open your eyes in the morning and see the vision of a stunningly beautiful flower or a breathtaking landscape, you smile, and that happy feeling sets the tone for your whole day. Beautiful scenes that make you feel good are good for your health and wellness, too. At night, they can set a restful tone for your good night’s sleep, so important for good health. A gift of beautiful Nature photo is a thoughtful and important gift to give yourself, or even a beloved friend or family member.

My Why: To spread beauty and happiness into the world. There are so many incredibly beautiful things in Nature from the tiniest details of a macro photo to the stunning vastness of a landscape. Nature is filled with sacred energy, and I strive to find that and bring it to you.

When I’m composing a photo, I ask myself: ‘What new way can I see this through my lens that will open your eyes to something unique and make you smile?’ I love making things beautiful and interesting by finding different angles, scenes that are new and exciting, details that escape notice in our busy world, being in just the right light. I want you to be Happy when you see my beautiful print on the wall in your home or office. (They also make a nice backdrop for a home altar, sacred space, or meditation corner, if you are inclined to have one.)

I’ve been making beautiful – and sometimes funny and quirky – photos since 2013 starting with macro photography, and advancing to landscapes with a few family portraits and wildlife scenes in between. It’s been somewhat challenging and highly rewarding adventure to acquire the skills to make these images and to share them with you.

This was my first macro photo. Who knew tree moss was so colorful?! (This macro and many more are available on a variety of materials; canvas, paper, metal, wood to name a few.) Check out the portfolio and place your order!

You can contact me via email at Michelle (at) Michelle K Wood (dot) com.