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  • Forest Photography and a very cool ‘expose to the right’ histogram exposure technique

    Personally, I love forests, being surrounded by lots of green trees, sturdy trunks giving the sens of quiet strength, the sounds of the whispering breezes and the sometimes-noisy birds, all that fresh oxygen makes one almost giddy. But, for a photographer, there can be a downside. If you’ve ever tried making landscape photos in a […]

  • The What and Why of Color Space

    The What and Why of Color Space

    What is color space? If you’ve browsed the Photo Shooting settings menu of your dslr, you’ve likely seen a setting for Color Space. Unless you have some super-special video camera, you’ll see two choices, sRGB, the factory default setting on most dslrs, and Adobe. In my Nikons, the designation is visible in the file name. […]

  • Expose Your Triangle – ISO

    Does anybody even know what ISO means? A few, maybe! The acronym stands for International Standards Organization. It started out as an industry standard scale for measuring the sensitivity of film to light. If you’re an old-time photographer who used film cameras, you’ll recall that the films you purchased were rated: ISO 100 for bright […]